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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Hulu Plus Coming To iPad, iPhone, PS3, Xbox Live And More

After weeks of speculation, a premium Hulu service has now become official. Full seasons of shows will become available for Hulu Plus subscribers which will set customers back $10 / month whereas the free service only provides limited number of episodes for TV series. 

Also there will be a new portfolio of devices capable of receiving content from the on demand service. Iphone and iPad apps will be available which will allow you to stream shows over Wi-Fi and 3G. This covers mobile devices however many users want to be able to watch their favourite shows on the big screen. Both Sony and Microsoft have that covered with both companies gaming consoles gearing up to receive streams from Hulu. Ps3 users will be able to enjoy Hulu Plus as early as July however Xbox 360 users will have to wait till sometime in “early 2011”. To compensate 360 users, they will be receiving a 'custom experience'  exclusive for Xbox Live Gold members which will include “controller-free navigation” thanks to Kinect.

Samsung connected TVs and Blu-Ray players will also get a taste off the Plus experience by utilising Samsung Apps platform. To get you invite to request a preview invitation just go here.


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